Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping up with the iPhone 5 rumors?

Hey readers, whether or not you're into technology or the iPhone or Apple, it's likely you've heard at least a few things about the new iPhone 5, set to be released in September. I, for one, am not that interested. I usually just wait until the launch date or maybe a day or two before to find out the truth. Last year, iPhone 5 (which turned out the be the 4S) rumors ruled the web. This year, Apple is sure to wow the crowd and all the consumers out there with their latest creation. 

Here are some features that tech news sites have been hinting at and predicting: 

  • iOS 6 (coming to iPod touches and iPads also)
  • 4 inch screen (iPod touch as well)
  • New pin connector (9 pin?) -- this would mean buying new adapters for almost everything you use your current one with. 
  • Even smaller SIM card (iPhone currently uses a Micro-SIM)
  • A new  (metal?) backing, and a chrome/black design
These are just a few of the features rumored to be coming to the iPhone 5. Personally, here is my iPhone 5 wishlist. 

  1. 4 inch screen (Other phones are getting bigger and bigger)
  2. Flash support (Long shot?)
  3. Higher quality front-facing camera
I like almost everything else about the iPhone. How about you?
What are you looking forward to with the new iPhone? Are you still on contract, and looking forward to the iPhone 6? And who knows, maybe Apple with surprise (and confuse) everyone by calling it "The new iPhone"! 

Comment below telling me what you think and what your predictions are! 

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Have a great day everyone! 



  1. I am still in contract with my 4s, so really I don't mind when they do decide to bust out the iPhone 5! I am looking forward to seeing the end result though, because of all the rumors I've been hearing. I like everything about my 4s, so really just a larger screen and 4G will make me happy. I'm most excited about those because I use my Dish Remote Access app a lot (allows me to view all my favorite shows, live or recorded on the go), so it's essential I have faster speeds to work with when I don't get a Wi-Fi connection. The larger screen will also make it a bit easier on my eyes, since my 4s is a bit tiny for TV watching. My coworker at Dish also told me she heard about it having a 3D camera, but I’m not too sure how I feel about that aspect. Have you heard about 3D camera rumors?

    1. Hi Glenda! Thank you so much for the feedback! I haven't heard anything about 3D camera rumors yet, but a Dish Remote app sounds pretty cool. If you enjoyed the article, please share it!

      Thank you, have a great weekend!