Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flipboard for iPhone Review

UPDATE: You are able to post status updates and share photos. Go to settings, then hit the compose button.

Hey guys! It's been a little bit since I have posted, but I am back with a new review for you guys.
Today I am reviewing the Flipboard for iPhone app, previously only available for iPad. This is a long awaited review, so here it is!

If you have an iPad, you most likely know what Flipboard is. On the iPad, it's sort of like a magazine, where you "flip" through all your selected content. On iPhone or iPod touch, you do the same thing, but on a smaller screen.

Here are some screenshots:

Homepage of Flipboard for iPhone

Flipping animation

Reading a story by selecting a tile on the homepage

The Flipboard user interface is simple to use and figure out. Everything is clearly labeled and laid out in front of you. The 3.5'' iPhone/iPod touch screen has plenty of room for everything. There are six tiles per page. You can pick about 18 different tiles to add to each of your three pages. If you press and hold a tile, you can delete it and move it around (similar to iOS itself). If you tap a tile, it will bring you the feed with everything most recent related to that topic. If you tap a story in the feed, you will see a picture, the title of the story, and usually a tweet related to that topic. If you tap again, you get the full story to read just like you would on a magazine website or something like that. 

Also, besides stories based on topics like Design, Technology, and News, you can also get your Facebook feed through Flipboard. Just like with the Facebook iPhone app, you are able to comment and like other people's statuses, but you cannot post your own status or photos. Therefore, you still need a Facebook app or would have to access Facebook on your phone some other way. You can do the same for your Twitter account. 

The Flipboard for iPhone app is available for free at the App Store here:

You may also download the iPad version of Flipboard here for free:

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please comment and follow my blog, so I know what you think.

Thanks for reading! 


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