Friday, November 4, 2011

Smartphones taking over?!? No, not yet anyway.

While it may seem like almost everyone (or at least every young person) has a smartphone that can go online, play games, and post status updates on the go, this is not entirely true.

In a recent survey, it was found that 35% of adults own smartphones, more than the number or adults who have a bachelor's degree or speak more than one language in their own homes. (

Those numbers may not seem like much, but what really matters is the actual people using the phones and how involved they are in the consumer's lives. We all know someone who is probably addicted to their phone or other electronic device, but pretty soon we may all depend on technology more than we want to in order to get things done.

Another study done earlier this year predicts what the market for mobile technology, smartphones in particular will look like in 4 years. IDC predicted the market would grow almost 50% this year, due to a large number of "switchers" (from regular to smart phones).

IDC also predicted what the smartphone platform market would look like in four years. IDC says in 2015 Android will take the lead at 45.4%, BlackBerry at 13.7%, and iOS suprisingly down to 15.3%. ( Could this mean the iPhone's popularity won't stand as strong as it does now in 2015?

Well, those are stats and the facts. Personally, I think the biggest factor in whether or not smartphones become the majority type of phone people own is the consumer. Eventually, I am sure, smartphones will get to a point where they are pretty much available to everyone because they are inexpensive and easier to use. But currently I feel the biggest barrier for people who want smartphones but don't own one is price. If smartphones didn't cost hundreds of dollars per month is some cases, more people could afford them in these tough times, and more people would own them. However, for now, the smartphone company giants figure 35% is enough.

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