Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why does Facebook keep changing?!?!

If you haven't seen the new changes to Facebook, I suggest you log in right now. If you haven't been on in a month or so, you'll probably be shocked. The social network has made quite a few "improvements" to their site.

One of the changes I have noticed is privacy settings. The Facebook privacy settings have often been seen as confusing and frustrating. Believe me, they are sometimes. But once you figure them out and go over them in detail, they don't seem so hard to monitor, so you can more easily control what you share.

Another change I have noticed is on my Facebook home page. All of a sudden Facebook is sharing with me "top stories" from my friends, much like a news site. Personally, I rather not have my Facebook page like this.

Also, you can know subscribe to pages, and you can see which of your friends have subscribed to a certain page. Isn't this a little like following? This confuses me.

Lastly, I would like to cover the "Close Friends" addition. This is basically like a group for your best friends. I think this makes the whole "Everybody is your friend on Facebook" idea more complicated. Adding someone to your "close friends" group allows you to see more of what they share. I cannot give too many details on this because I do not use this feature.

There are probably a lot more changes to Facebook that I have not covered. These are just the ones I have noticed myself.

Are you happy with the new Facebook?

Why do you think Facebook keeps changing?

Of course, you could always switch to Google+, which is Google's version of Facebook. As for me, I'm gonna roll with the punches and keep logging in.

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