Sunday, September 25, 2011

App Review - BeFunky

There are probably hundreds of choices when it comes to photography apps for iPhone/iPod touch. BeFunky is one of my favorites. I was excited to find out there was an app for BeFunky because I originally started using it on its website companion, BeFunky

This app is good for novices, but it's also handy for those who know a thing or two about editing photos because of its ability to tinker with little things like hue and saturation. BeFunky has a wide range of effects you can place on your photos, from LomoArt to Dramatic B&W (Black and White). 

My wishlist for this app is relatively short, since it has pretty much everything I need for great and easy photo editing. The only thing this app needs is more sharing options, like Blogger for example. Currently. in version 1.1.3, you can only save your photos to your Camera Roll, Facebook, Flickr, and the BeFunky website if you have an account there. 

Overall, BeFunky is a nice option for those who want to be able to edit their photos on the go for free and upload them to a nice amount of places. 

Here is the like to download BeFunky for free:

I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading!

BeFunky home screen

Editing a photo
Photo I took with my iPod touch then edited with BeFunky

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