Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Install New Icons on Your Android Device!

Hey everyone!

Are you bored with your current Android device's set of icons? Wish you could change up the look of your phone or tablet and make it stand out among the crowd! Thankfully, Android is open source, allowing developers to design all sorts of things to customize your device, including icon packs! Check out the tutorial below to learn how to get started.

Search for Icon Packs here:
Download Nova Launcher:

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Paperama - First Gameplay!

Hey everyone!

I tried out the popular origami inspired mobile game, "Paperama," a few days ago, and here's how I did:

I got to level 9 the first time I tried it, and now I'm stuck on level 12! Time to watch some tutorials.

Download Paperama here for iOS:
And here for Android:

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Happy 4th of July!


Monday, June 30, 2014

Take a 'Moment' to check out this amazing new iPhone application!

How much time do you think you spend on your phone? Really? If you're like most people, then it's probably more time than that. Our smartphones are practically an extension of us these days, so it's no surprise the word 'addiction' is commonly used to describe ourselves and people we know when speaking our relationships with our devices.

However, thanks to Kevin Holesh, the creator of the brand-new iOS application, "Moment," you no longer have to worry about why all your battery life diminishes so quickly, or how much time you're actually spending on that cherised device of yours. Check out this quick video demonstration he put together, showing off the features of the app!

Moment is in the App Store now!

If you try the application, please leave a review with comments and suggestions for the next version of the application.

Find out more about 'Moment' here:

You can find more of Kevin Holesh's work here:

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

*BreakFree App Review* Can An App Help Manage Your Smartphone Addiction?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I'm taking a look at BreakFree, an Android application with the goal of managing your (possible) smartphone addiction. Check out this quick video from my YouTube channel:

If you cannot watch in your browser, click here:

Download BreakFree, and let me know what you think!:

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Have an amazing day!


Friday, June 6, 2014

AOL's Hardwired, hosted by iJustine, Season 2!

Hey everyone!

Last year, AOL debuted a handful of new shows. One of those was Hardwired, featuring online personality Justine Ezarik, also known as iJustine. Last year, I blogged about it, and I was a huge fan of the show from the start.

AOL announced that it would be renewing a few of their new shows, and one of those was HardWired!

Last season focused on wearable technology exclusively. However, season 2 (now called HardWired 2.0) will be focusing on a wider variety of technologies, such as those in the food and fashion industry.

The first episode premiered May 21st, and currently there are 3 available to watch. I've seen them all so far and I've enjoyed each and every one. Check it out!

Enjoy! New HardWired 2.0 episodes premiere every Wednesday on the AOL Originals YouTube channel.



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jotterpad X: My Favorite Text Editor and Writing App for Android

It's not often that an app comes along that I just can't stop using. I install something new, become fascinated, even a little obsessed, then get bored and uninstall. But some applications have become a staple on my devices lately. One of those is Jotterpad X.

Jotterpad X is a minimalist writing app for Android devices. I love its "Styles" feature, which can inspire the way you write by changing the layout and font styles of your work.

WATCH "My Favorite Text Editor For Android: Jotterpad X":

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Thank you for watching! Download Jotterpad X here:


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